Suffern, New York
By Pierce Haviland

There is a lot of action in Suffern, New York. New Jersey Transit runs locals to Hoboken during the day, with more frequent service during peak hours. The division post with Metro-North is located just north of the yard which is shared with Norfolk Southern. On this day in March of 2006, I captured a new Alstom PL-42 AC arriving from Hoboken and a new Metro-North cab car.

All the photos below were taken with a telephoto lens while I was clear of railroad property.
You should never trespass on railroad property. It is dangerous and illegal!

alstompl424019.jpg (184461 bytes)
NJT Alstom PL-42 heads north
out of Suffern Station.
alstompl4240192.jpg (216974 bytes)
4019 pulls in the clear at Suffern
for Hoboken-bound local
alstompl4240193.jpg (180855 bytes)
Engineer checks the headlights
on a new Metro-North cab car
Suffern3062.jpg (203467 bytes)
A GP40-PH 2 heads south at Suffern
Suffern3063.jpg (175473 bytes)
Hoboken-bound with a clear signal
Suffern3064.jpg (197231 bytes)
OK on the brakes! Conductor checks for brake release (note green lights)
Suffern3065.jpg (251576 bytes)
NS local on yard lead in Suffern
Suffern3066.jpg (157039 bytes)
Northbound stone train with ex-Conrail unit in the lead (caught me by surprise)
Suffern3067.jpg (183440 bytes)
4019 heads towards Hoboken south of the border near Mahwah, NJ

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