ConnDOT Genesis Engines
By Pierce Haviland and Ron Yee

The newest engines in the Metro-North fleet are the ConnDOT Genesis engines, numbered 228-231. These engines are identical to the 27 silver and blue Genesis units with the exception of the New Haven Pain Scheme.

ConnDOT 228

The 228 was the first unit Genesis to arrive in the New Haven paint scheme

ConnDOT 230

The 230 is facing south at Harmon Shop. They will turn it on the wye when it passes inspection

Old Meets New

An old F-10 stands in the way of Genesis unit 225. The F unit was an original F3, made in the 1940s, that was rebuilt by ICG and renamed F10. Four of these units gave a decade of reliable service to Metro-North despite their age.


It looks like the paint is still wet on the newest Genesis engine, the 231. It will be the last unit of this type to be built by GE for Metro-North for the forseeable future. Bye-bye FL9s.

Track 13

ConnDOT Genesis 228 sits on track 13 in GCT ready to head north to Danbury, CT Photo by Ron Yee

ConnDOT 228

Genesis 228 sits quietly on track 13 before sprinting out of Grand Central in electric mode. Photo by Ron Yee

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Last updated November 10, 2010