Plowing Through The Snow on The Housatonic
and Upper Harlem and Hudson Lines

Photos By "Devon"

The winter of 2000-2001 brought lots of snow to the northeast but some old EMD engines just pushed it out of the way. One Metro-North worker kept his camera with him to capture the action and was able to get a rare shot of Housatonic power in Danbury, CT.

You can click on the thumbnails to download the larger picture.

danbury2.jpg (63667 bytes)
Housatonic engines 7324 and 3601 head east towards Berkshire Jct. on the Maybrook Line at Danbury, CT

danbury3.jpg (83317 bytes)
Housatonic engines 7324 and 3601 sit at White Street in Danbury after plowing the tracks to the NY/CT State Line

wassaic-1.jpg (47265 bytes)
Train 968 waits to depart Wassaic Station  after a snow storm on Feb. 6, 2001

wassaic-2.jpg (57993 bytes)
Train 9911 with Genesis power arrives at Wassaic, NY on Super Bowl Sunday (1/28/01) with lots of snow in the yard

wassaic-3.jpg (44679 bytes)
Train 923 arrives at Wassaic, NY on February 6, 2001

nycfl92012.jpg (62951 bytes)
NYC FL9 2012 with the 2008 following arrive at Poughkeepsie, NY on December 14th with signs of a white Christmas to come

nycfl92012-2.jpg (77086 bytes)
Still looking great, two years after receiving a new paint scheme. 2012 in Poughkeepsie, NY on 12/14/01


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