Stamford, Connecticut
Photographs by Pierce Haviland - May, 2000

Metro-North's modern shop at Stamford, Connecticut works on all New Haven Line equipment; M2s, M4s and M6s. Here is a sample of what you will find there. 

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stam1.jpg (39767 bytes)

Cars are moved in and out of the shop with this small high-rail vehicle.

stam2.jpg (36725 bytes)

An M4 triplet waits for service on the west end of the shop.

stam3.jpg (41443 bytes)

A m2 pair sits north of the M4s. You can see the yardmaster's "crow's nest" on the top floor of the shop.

stam4.jpg (50189 bytes)

The freight yard at Stamford sees very few freight cars, but lots of Metro-North Metropolitan cars, like this M6 train.


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