Photographs by Jeff Sumberg and Ron Yee

At the 1997 Hoboken Festival, the C&O 614 steam engine was there under steam. You could get a look inside the cab. Jeff Sumberg brought his camera. Take a look!

Ron Yee, a fellow Metro-North employee, brought his camera to Port Jervis in 1996 to capture the 614 during it's maiden run. He was able to snap the picture below from a vantage point that was not available on later trips. The old Erie Port Jervis station is in the background.

You can click on the thumbnails to download the larger picture.

Photo by Ron Yee

C&O 614 runs around train at Port Jervis, NY

After turning the engine on the newly restored turntable at Port Jervis, the 614 steams south to run around the train.

Photos by Jeff Sumberg:

People line up for a peek inside the cab of this wonderful machine.

The staff from Iron Horse Enterprises was on hand to answer questions.

A look at the engineer's controls from the center of the cab.

Another peek at the engineer's controls with speedometer, steam and air gauges. The small brake handle is the independent brake for the engine only. The larger handle under the speedometer is the automatic brake for the entire train.

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