Hidden in a beautiful valley along the West River, near Newfane, Vermont
is an equestrian center for riding, boarding and training..


                          At Meadowbrook Farm

                                            Hill Road Brookline Vermont 05345
                                                               802 365 7668

Rocky Dreamer


  • Instruction
  • Boarding
  • Training
  • Transportation


Bubba loves the snow and sleigh rides!

Roger Poitras' method of instruction is a combination of several disciplines:
  • The Alexander Technique
  • Soma Neuromuscular Integration
  • The Feldenkrais Method
  • Centered Riding 

Roger Poitras riding Alyondro in the
dressage ring at West River Stables
Roger and Alyondro

These disciplines have been brought together into the following elements: Hands-on body work to aid the rider in awareness of tensions in the body and in releasing those tensions. Body alignment for proper balance. Flow of energy in the development of form and movement.




Jane Ashley



Visualization for freedom of mind and body.

The resulting effect is the body understanding, energizing and communicating with great clarity.

 Jane Ashley with Caureus

Jane is available for clinics by appointment at West River Stables.





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Established in 1941, the Newbrook Horse Show is held for the benefit of the Newbrook Fire Department. It is one of the oldest continuously-run horse shows in New England. Pictured here is Helen Barnes, who has attended every show since WWII, many as a competitor.

The truck is a 1941 Chevrolet, built the same year the show was founded.


horsepower.jpg (28624 bytes) We have horsepower!  




The Round School in Brookline, VermontDummerston Vermont Covered BridgeThe unique round school in Brookline and covered bridges along the West River provide beautiful views. Make sure you bring your camera!


For more information on lessons, boarding, or training, contact Roger Poitras at:

roger@westriverstables.com Send e-mail to Roger

You can also write or phone him at:

Roger Poitras

West River Stables at Meadowbrook Farm

Hill Road - Brookline, Vermont 05345

802-365-7668 9

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